free digital marketing course and certificate

Free Digital Marketing Course & Certificate from Google

Google’s own online course called Digital Garage is offering free courses and certification in Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a concept of promoting your business through online digital channels such as search engines, social media, mobile apps, etc.

Demand for digital marketers are increasing day by day as more and more companies register their businesses online. In coming years we can expect huge demand for digital marketing jobs more than ever.

So I would recommend if you people are interested to start your career in digital marketing then this is easy, best and free way to get certified in digital marketing.

free digital marketing course and certificate
Digital Garage dashboard layout

Why Free Digital Marketing Course?

Although there are plenty of Digital Marketing courses out there that are paid and expensive, Google’s free courses are a great way to start your career. Because when you take up this course you will eventually know if the topic of digital marketing interests you in any way and if you really want to continue your career in Digital Marketing without even paying a penny.

Google’s Free Digital Marketing Course Details

  1. Total Course is 40 hours
  2. Covers topics by Modules so there is a total of 26 modules.
  3. After each module, you are asked to give a test (Check your knowledge) in order to move to the next module. If you answer it right you will get something called Badge.
  4. Accumulate all badges in order to get a certificate in the end.
  5. Digital Garage Courses are given with well organized detailed video of topics.

List of Topics Covered

  1. Your first steps in online success.
  2. Build your web presence.
  3. Plan your online business strategy.
  4. Get started with the search.
  5. Get discovered with a search.
  6. Make search work for you.
  7. Be noticed with search ads.
  8. Improve your search campaigns.
  9. Get noticed locally.
  10. Help people nearby find you online.
  11. Get noticed with social media.
  12. Deep dive into social media.
  13. Discover the possibilities of mobile.
  14. Make mobile work for you.
  15. Get started with content marketing.
  16. Connect through email.
  17. Advertise on other websites.
  18. Deep dive into display advertising.
  19. Make the most of the video.
  20. Get started with analytics.
  21. Find success with analytics.
  22. Turn data into insights.
  23. Build your online shop.
  24. Sell more online.
  25. Expand internationally.

Google’s Certificate

You should be able to download an authentic PDF Certificate in digital marketing from the Google Fundamentals when you have completed the course.


I would highly recommend getting this certificate with this you will be able to add more weightage to your resume.

Any questions ask in comments below. Good Luck 🙂


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