How to get free domain name

How to get your Free Domain name

It was 12 years ago when I bought my first domain and it was for free. I bought the domain from a site called (now which is the top-level domain of several countries.

Why is it a free domain?

The country of Tokelau, Gabon, Mali, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea gives opportunities for all users & small businesses to register a domain for free.

These free domains are operated by freenom which is the world’s first and only domain provider.

Why is Domain Free?

Freenom which manages all the free domain names aims to help countries such as Tokelau, Gabon, Mali, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea to grow their digital economy. This domain can be owned by anyone in this world for free and use it like any other regular .com domain names for their blogs, websites, shopping websites, etc. So I personally thank Freenom and the countries that are offering these free domains.

List of Free Top Level Domain

  1. .TK

    Country of Tokelau

  2. .ML

    Country of Mali

  3. .GA

    Country of Gabon

  4. .CF 

    Country of Central African Republic

  5. .GQ

    Country of Equatorial Guinea

Step by Step procedure to get these Domain

Step 1

Go to to register your domain service.

Step 2

Put any domain name of your choice and check if its available. How to get free domain name

Step 3

Choose the available domain and click on checkout.

Step 4

Choose the Free period and click to create free domains

Step 5

During checkout you either sign-up by email or continue with your existing gmail/facebook account.


That’s all! your domain will be registered to use. Please go to Services -> My Domains in the Navigation bar. How to get free domain name


Put all together I feel this is an amazing opportunity provided by freenom and the countries who have supported them to give away these domain names. This the best way to put your blog or businesses online if you can’t afford to buy a paid domain name and renew it every year. This is also a good start for beginners who wants to learn how domain and websites work to play around with its configurations etc.

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